November 28, 2023

Factors That Affect the Overall Shipping Cost for Your Car

While finding a reliable and trustworthy shipping company is easy, it is a difficult task to get an affordable quote. You may find it costlier to relocate your car if you are not well aware of the factors that affect the shipping price. Many brokers can trick you with low quotations. You pay more for such a low quality of service.

The best idea is to either choose a direct shipper or a verified and reputed broker. You must verify their service ratings and online reviews through the website of the BBB and the FMCSA.

What are the factors considered to calculate the base shipping price?

Shipping companies consider factors like the journey distance, travel time, service demand, diesel rate, and much more common factors to determine the basic shipping price. These factors are uncontrollable by anyone.

Generally, brokers do not have a hold on the rules and regulations of the shippers. They cannot confirm the exact delivery schedule also. A quotation from a broker also includes their commission or brokerage charges.

Since 2012, Ship a Car, Inc has made a reputation in the shipping industry for providing a premium and transparent service for individualistic and commercial purposes. Located in Florida, U.S.A., they have highly trained professionals with over 30 years of expertise in shipping and transportation. You can get a fair quotation and guidance to ship a car across the U.S.A.

How can you save money on shipping a car through a reputed shipper?

Apart from avoiding the commission cost of a broker, you can provide an extra layer of safety by choosing a reputed direct shipper. There are a few high-cost saving tips that can help you reduce the overall shipping cost for your car. Perhaps, a good shipper will always guide you through such options while preparing a quotation for you.

Here are the cost changing factors –

  1. Choose a flexible schedule

You will get advance notice from your office for relocating. The same does go hand in hand when you plan for relocating a car. You must plan well in advance to have a flexible pick-up and delivery dates. As the shipper will not have regular and daily basis service on the same route, they may charge you extra for diversions of their regular trip routes to stand on your rigid dates.

  1. Prefer open trailer with terminal-to-terminal delivery

In case you are relocating a car, which is not luxurious and brand new, you must choose an open trailer shipment instead of a closed trailer. Also, it catches location and delivery points that are not miles away from your location. You can prefer open trailer shipment and terminal-to-terminal delivery options to save a lot of dollars.

  1. Choose a roll-on/roll-off carrier

You must keep your car in good running condition to choose a roll-on/roll-off (RORO) carrier. A RORO carrier does not require any extra machinery to load your car on the carrier. They can carry several cars, at the same time. The car is self-driven in and out of the carrier. It saves a huge amount on the overall shipping price.

You can also choose a less demanding season for relocating your car like the winter season.