February 26, 2024

Vehicle Repair Scams: What Can Jesus Do?

While exposing vehicle repair scams, I’ve received some hate mail. Many of these condition that I am crazy or paranoid, or which i do not know what I am speaking about. Others involve more general ranting.

One, however, mentioned which i would be a fraudster. Basically, this individual thinks that i’m using scam tactics to market e-books which expose scam tactics.

This is a small sample from the details that I’ve been stating:

98% of repair centers are mistreating vehicle repair prices guidelines

Repair scams cost consumers an believed 40 billion dollars each year

Repair centers are towards the top of consumer complaint lists each year

As a result of this accusation, I authored a pleasant lengthy e-mail explaining my position, my background, and just how I acquired my information. I additionally authored the way i can understand a person’s skepticism of these claims, and that i known numerous articles and websites for supporting documentation.

I wasn’t in a position to send the e-mail, however, because the return address was bogus. That’s frustrating! I’ve no qualms with accusations, but please, fully stand up making your situation. Don’t leave a bag of dog crap on my small porch, ring the bell, after which try to escape.

I appreciate critique. I realize its value. I am prepared to listen. To us a fraudster just insults me and my mission…what exactly would Jesus do?

To determine what can Jesus do, I am likely to attempt an example between my mission and Jesus’.

Jesus was making (to many first century Jews’ ears) crazy claims. Simultaneously others were surprised about his work.

I’ve been making crazy claims (with a peoples’ ears) yet still time impressing many more.

To date so great….

The Jews contended that Jesus was using only the demon to do his miracles (drive out demons, heal the sick…etc).

Based on the “fraudster” email, I’m using only scam tactics to reveal vehicle repair scams.

Before ongoing, the apparent flaw in logic within the above accusation should be stated. Jesus stated it best: “A home divided against itself cannot stand.”

But would Jesus do concerning the prevalence of vehicle repair scams?

In a nutshell, Jesus would choose the throat. He’d point directly in the injustice, after which pierce the center of individuals robbing individuals with excessive vehicle repair prices.

Jesus’ example was adopted by his right-hands man, Peter. Peter also made “crazy” claims for example Jesus may be the boy of God…etc. Peter have been irritating the hell from the religious government bodies. Once they told him to prevent, he basically stated “Bite me…inside a nice way.”

I too is going to be nice to my opposition.

Towards the skeptics, I recommend they heed the language of Gamaliel, an initial century Jew and teacher from the law–“a guy honored by everyone.” As a result of the apostles’ “crazy” claims, Gamaliel stated:

“…Leave these men alone! Allow them to go! For if their intention or activity is of human origin, it’ll fail. But if it’s from God, you won’t be in a position to stop these men you will simply find her combating God.”

Time will inform exactly what the mission of RepairTrust will produce. What I know is the fact that since its beginning it’s saved vehicle repair customers many $thousands of dollars in auto repairs. Unless of course I receive word, I’ll stay the program.