September 30, 2023

UTVs or Side-by-Sides: How they Stand Up Against ATVs

Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) go by many names; however, no matter the name you call them, side-by-sides are very useful to the people who use them. UTVs are called side-by-sides because they usually seat 2-6 people who sit side-by-side with each other. These versatile machines are used in different walks of life.

What are UTVs?

UTVs or cote a cote are designed either for work or play. UTVs for work prioritise effectiveness, often having some kind of truck bed on the back, and sacrificing some manoeuvrability and speed. Recreational UTVs are mainly used for off-roading. These four-wheel vehicles are designed to handle off-road conditions. They are usually used by farmers for doing different jobs on their land, tilling, mowing, and plowing.

To perform these functions, accessories are attached to the UTV. For instance, a drag-behind mower could be hitched to the vehicle’s back and dragged over the grass.

What Makes UTVs Different from ATVs?

Both a UTV and an ATV are four-wheel vehicles. They are used both recreationally and functionally. But, they are different in many ways especially in terms of shape. ATVs or quad bikes look like motorcycles that have four wheels. They are small and nimble, which makes them ideal for when you are off the beaten path. Meanwhile, UTVs look like upgraded golf carts. Their seats tend to have backs and the majority of them have some sort of a roof.

Moreover, the two vehicles differ in terms of controls. ATVs are driven just like motorcycles with most of the controls, brake, throttle, and horn on the handlebars. Also, they are steered by turning the handlebars to one side or the other.

In terms of safety, most UTVs are equipped with some kind of structure overtop of the seats called roll over protection system or roll cage. Also, they usually have seatbelts, doors, and windshields. Because ATVs are meant to be ridden like motorcycles, they do not have any protection against rolling over.

A choice between an ATV and a UTV will greatly depend on what you want to use it for. For instance, if you need a vehicle that can traverse your farmland to get the jobs done and haul tools and materials back and forth, you need to invest in a UTV. But, if you just want to zoom down the beach, or through the wilderness at breakneck speeds alone, you will want to buy an ATV. It is the perfect choice for adrenaline junky, given its small size and fast top speeds.