November 28, 2023

How to Identify Warning Signs About Failure of Your Car Tire for Better Maintenance?

Your car tire is a very important part for safe driving and this is the only part which remains in contact with the road and therefore it can greatly influence on your driving as well as while you apply brake for your safety.

Telluride Tire & Auto can provide you necessary service for your tire as well as for other repair service needed for your car.

Following are few signs that you need to observe so that you know if there is any trouble in the tire.

  • Look for any cracks or cuts that can be seen on the side walls of the tire.
  • Check for any uneven tread of your tire, which can always be caused due to misaligned wheel, improper inflammation, problem with the suspension or damaged tires.
  • Look for excessively worn out tread of your tire as minimum allowable depth of the tread is 1/16”, which will be indicated by the bars that are running across tread of the tire. You can always buy gauges from any auto-part shop to measure the tread.

  • As an alternate you can also use a penny coin and put it inside the groove of your tire. If you are in a position to see Abe’s head top, then it is a sign of wearing out and you must consider changing your tires.
  • In case, you can see too many bulges or blisters on the side walls of the tire then it is a time to replace your tire immediately. Your tire may fail any time in such condition.
  • If your tire offers too much vibration then it indicates that your wheels are bent, misaligned or unbalanced. This may be due to internal damage of the tire. You must not ignore such condition and get your vehicle serviced.

Following are few maintenance tips for your tire inflation:

  • Never judge the tire pressure just looking at them, as modern tires cannot be judged this way. Prefer to use a gauge for checking the tire pressure.

  • You must check the tire pressure by using proper gauge at least once in a month.
  • Always maintain proper tire pressure as recommended by the supplier and do not try to pump excessive air pressure.
  • Try to measure the tire pressure when it is in cold condition as the pressure may rise after driving few miles.