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Steve McQueen's 911S

Steve McQueen is arguably the king of cool, a man's man and true car guy. Among the Porsche loyalists he has extra cred since although he owned and raced many different cars  he seemed to have had a thing or two for the aircooled from Zuffenhausen.

In the movie "LeMans", which essentially is a homage to the duel between Porsche's 917 and Ferrar's 512i at Lemans, McQueen played the taciturn Michael Delaney. In the opening scene there is a memorable drive through the French countryside in a 1970 Porsche 911S. This car although a movie prop also had the distinction of being McQueens's personal ride bought through his production company, Solar Production.

The car was well optioned with all leather interior, AC, fog lights and a sunroof. After its movie cameo, the car found retirement in LA until recently being acquired by  east coast collector, Frank Gallogly.  Although covering just over 100,000 miles and having one respray to the original Slate-Gray, time and usage has been very kind to Steve's car.

 It is safe to say that time has treated McQueen, his movie LeMans, and his unique 911 very well. All have aged remarkable and have enjoyed significant renewed interest with the passage of time rather then being relegated to the trash pile of past curiosities.





Steves's 911 at LeMans
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