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2009 Concours d'LeMons

A week ago Monterey Week paid witness to a new event, the 2009 Concours d'LeMons. This event which on first examination might seem to be a spoof of high-end concours was in fact more than that. The event was an enjoyable presentation of some unique cars in their own right and the event was a welcome antidote to the stiffness and self importance that can infect some of Monterey Week events.

Alan Galbraith who organized the event served as the Master of Ceremony and as the ringleader in this alternate universe concours. After watching Alan work the mike and the crowd it is safe to say that if this concours gig doesn't work out there might be a job for him in standup comedy.

(Master of Ceremony Alan Galbraith)

(Disco Pinto)

The event which started at 9am and ran through 5pm was held at Toro Park which was a quick drive up Highway 68 from Leguna Seca. The setting was ideal, parking was easy and there was overall a very relaxed atmosphere. Spectators got a chance before and after the show to talk with the car owners and to take pictures.

Each class winner and the Worst in Show were driven up or on the case of one car pushed up to the podium to receive their prize and their fright pig. The crowd was very good natured and Alan kept things lively and moving quickly.

(The winning Worst in Show 1980 KV Mini1 with fright pig)

Despite the spoof like atmosphere there were some truly interesting cars including the winner of Worst in Show car, a 1980 KV Mini1 and a 1958 Toyopet Crown, an early Toyota. The Mini is classic French minimalist in many ways : a single aircooled cylinder engine with no transmission (it is a direct drive). To go from froward to reverse the car has to be turned of and then switch gears. Interestingly, the car was towed from Shoreline, WA  by its owner, Mike Harrell with his MG.

(1980 KV Mini1's engine)

(1958 Toyopet Crown)

(1958 Toyopet Crown's engine)

(1959 DKW 3=6)

(1967 Toyota Sports 800)

(Volkswagen pickup)

As we said in our preview we hope that the event does become a stable of Monterey Week and we are looking forward to next year's event.  












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